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Frequently asked questions

Is my data safe and secure?

Absolutely - we're fanatical about security. We've baked in several layers of enterprise-grade security into our product, platform, and processes.

Can I try tell Charlie for free?

Of course! You can trial free for 30 days. No credit card required, no strings attached.

What will happen after my trial?

During the trial period you can use tell Charlie with full access to all features and support for 30 days. To continue using tell Charlie after the trial period you can subscribe to either a monthly or yearly plan.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

If you decided that tell Charlie isn't for you. you can cancel the service at any time. If you cancelled your subscription you will not be billed the next month and the service will remain active only for the remainder of the current month.

Can I use tell Charlie without a PMS (integration)?

The short answer is yes; there is a feature in tell Charlie that allows you to manually enter bookings and also allows you to import a batch of bookings using a spreadsheet.
This feature is designed for accommodations without a PMS, but is also ideal if you want to try tell Charlie on a few guests.

How can I use tell Charlie?

As an accommodation, you can use tell Charlie with your existing Property Management System if it's one that we've already built an integration for – we're always developing more. To see if there's an integration for your PMS, please contact us here.

As a traveller, you're automatically invited to use tell Charlie when you make a booking at an accommodation that's using tell Charlie. That means it's not something you can request but if you like tell Charlie, recommend it to your next accommodation!

What is the refund policy?

We have a monthly plan with an automatic renewal. you can cancel at any time during the month and the automatic renewal will stop. There is no refund for a running period.

What are the advantages of having a PMS integration?

Having a PMS integration makes it effortless to use tell Charlie to with 100% of your bookings. Bookings are synchronised at regular intervals, making sure that they are always up to date.

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