How tell Charlie works

tell Charlie enables easy communication between the guest and  accommodation throughout the complete guest journey.
But how does it work?
And how does it look to the accommodation and to the guest?

3. Your accommodation is notified

tell Charlie interface

When the guest responds, the accommodation receives an email that leads to the tell Charlie interface. Here you can directly respond to the guest, who will be notified of your response.

4. After the first night

During stay check

When the guest stays more than 1 night, they receive a message to check if their room is meeting their expectations. This simple check catches issues before they end up in an online review.

5. Two-way communication

Anytime, anywhere

Besides the timed moments there is free chat available. You can choose to respond to a message send by a guest, or actively engage with a guest, for instance to inform them of a special event.

6. One day after departure:

After-stay feedback

After departure the guest is invited to leave their feedback and review. Here we see the tell Charlie-effect; by offering help before and during their stay we see that more guests provide feedback, and typically leave higher ratings compared to standard after-stay surveys.