About us

Based in Amsterdam, tell Charlie was founded in October 2017 to develop next-generation guest experience tools which help hotels to orchestrate extraordinary experiences for guests.

Our mission is to help hotels offer a better guest experience by providing guests with the support they need when and where they need it.
Taking away fears and uncertainties from guests lets them enjoy their stay more, which we've found is reflected in the rating of their stay.

The beginning of tell Charlie

We started inside a hotel, literally. Our office was a hotel lobby, so our team spent every day talking to guests and testing our product.

Our Culture

We believe in having an open culture with a positive no-nonsense mentality. We are a very people-oriented team. Being honest about our strengths and weakness is highly encouraged.

Having a healthy work-life balance is essential to keep the engine running and we strive to maintain a flexible way of working which allows us to shape our own work day, either at the office or at home.

Working with short lines of communication is beneficial to grow fast. Our aim is to dicuss issues openly within the team; we believe that constructive, honest feedback is important to learn from each other.

Talent at tell Charlie

Since we started in the second half of 2017, we have been steadily and deliberately growing, making sure to hire the right people for the right job. Have a look at our LinkedIn page and job openings and be sure to drop us a message if you're interested in joining us.

Meet the team

With a lot of experience in the hospitality and tech industry we are a well-seasoned bunch of ambitious and creative people.
We're a dynamic and fast-growing team based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

UX Lead
Software Engineer
User Researcher
Software Engineer
Tech Lead
UI Designer
Software Engineer
Head of Operations
Data Scientist